150 Liter Autoclave

150 Liter Autoclave

Our Mushroom Autoclave 150 Liter model (~39.6 gallons) is a true industrial grade unit while still remaining compact. This is the type of sterilization the top labs use, and commercial mushroom farms use. It is the industry leader and standard for value, safety, and quality.


150L chamber, this size is ideal for mushroom farmers.
Multiple yields with quick turnaround time.
Sterilize grains (rye berry, millet, corn and etc.) before inoculating with your desired strain of mycelium with liquid culture or agar.
Sterilize substrates before inoculating with grain spawn.
Sterilize items by subjecting them to pressurized steam under 15psi at 250°F (121°C).
Safety door opening mechanism for user safety. Door remains locked as long as the chamber is under-pressure. Water level switch.
20″+ (510mm) diameter & 29″+ (740mm) deep chamber, 220V, 2 wired baskets are included (basket size 475mm diameter & 280mm high)
110V option available 220V is recommended and the standard configuration.
Reach proper temperature and pressure in 19 minutes. Much faster and more stable than other systems.
6KW Heater for fast work.
Reasonable Electrical Requirements
220V, 50/60Hz, 1Ø, 27A
Stainless steel Internal Construction.

The most costly and productivity destroying element in your mushroom production process is contamination. If you can establish the best practices, using superior tools you can increase your growth, yields, and profitability.

Upgrade your lab today and maintain that consistent sterilization you need to be successful.