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THERMOHELIX Induction sterilizer

THERMOHELIX Induction sterilizer


The end all solution to sterilizng your Spore vision scalpel. All Thermo helix orders will come with a sterilized scalpels in medical grade sterile sleeves.


This tool is used to get your scalpel red hot prior to making agar plate transfers, cutting spawn bags open with a clean blade, heating up a agar core punch tool. 



ac adaptor with plug in for 120volt wall outlet (standard outlet)

Induction sterilizer

scalpel blade and handle

thermohelix sticker

  • care instructions

    - Be sure to wipe blade clean of agar every time before heating.

    -Do not run your induction tool constantly, you only need about 2-3 seconds of on time to make your blade red hot.

    -Always run your equipment on a surge protector to avoid electrical problems!

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