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A Trip Through the Animal Kingdom: Psychoactive Drugs and Their Furry Friends

Have you ever wondered if animals get high? As it turns out, some animals do indeed ingest psychoactive drugs - and in this blog we'll take a tour through the animal kingdom to explore the curious connection between animals and various substances that can alter their mental state. Ready for a wild ride? Let’s go!

Dolphins and Puffer Fish Toxin: We'll start with dolphins - did you know that some of them frequently seek out puffer fish to consume, especially when they are feeling playful or want to show off? The toxins contained in the puffer fish have been known to create a sense of euphoria and relaxation in dolphins, who then appear to be more sociable and friendly.

Jaguars and Peyote: Jaguars have been known to consume peyote cacti as part of their religious rituals. This psychedelic cactus has been used by humans throughout time for its hallucinogenic properties. It's thought that jaguars may experience heightened sensory perception while under the influence of peyote.

Bears and Psilocybin Mushrooms: Bears have long been associated with mushrooms - both in human culture and in nature! In the wild, bears have so far been observed consuming two types of mushrooms - Amanita muscaria (also known as fly agaric) and Psilocybe semilanceata (or "liberty caps"). Both contain psychoactive compounds that may give bears feelings of pleasure or curiosity.

Who knew animals could get high on psychoactive drugs? The next time you’re hanging out with your furry friend, you might just want to keep an eye out for any unusual behaviors! While there is still much research needed into why certain species seem drawn towards certain substances, understanding these connections can help us better understand our relationship with other species—and appreciate how truly wild our world can be!


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